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Wow, I have a lot on my mind and a lot I want to talk about this morning. First thing is, I went to Alias Nightclub last night with VP Leigh-Anne, my sister Tonia and our beautiful Richard. I think it was a very productive night. We had business cards to hand out and were able to leave some on the front table as well as met some people who had lots of good information for us.

I am sad though, I am sad to see that the GLBTQ community here is worse than I thought. We are so scattered across the county, even in the city of Fayetteville and it does not appear that many of us are coming together as a whole to do things that could better our lives, our community and our families.

When The Alliance of Fayetteville-Sandhills Region started in August of 2011 I had visions of being able to help my fellow community. Of being able to open a center here in Fayetteville to help our fellow people. I want to educate people on the dangers of unsafe sex, of what HIV is and how it can be contracted. Some of you may be saying. HIV has been around for so long how could someone not know about it and how it is contracted. If that were the case then how come people are still getting it? How come there is still such a silence around the issue in our own community. I have had friends who contracted AIDS, some who died, some who are on a cocktail of medications. Oh yes, you can live longer with the HIV-AIDS disease, but really who wants to have it? Come on people we need to bond together to help each other.

I was talking to Leigh-Anne last night, over the loud music (Rock on Alias!), about how when I first came to Fayetteville with my wife and children, I thought we were the only ones in this community. Apparently we are not, and I know that this being a “military town” that we have a large community that is very transient. Ok, so we have people coming and going with the military. However, here is how I look at it. We may have people coming and going with the military, but we still have a very large base here. We have the community that stays in this area to keep it going so that the military can survive here. As I told Leigh-Anne last night. Look at it like this. The Spartans were a great military society. They have a huge army, but when they went out to war, the community didn’t just die and the place became empty. No, they had their base there, the people who took care of the community so that when the army came back there was still something to come back to.

Hello, this community is here, we need to protect it and help it grow. Become a community, not a smattering of people around little parts of the whole place. I have to do a speech on Sunday about “Why Fayetteville needs The Alliance?” I was worried about what I was going to say. Guess what, I am not worried anymore, I know exactly what I am going to say and do. I hope you come see me.

Back to my subject right now though. A few years ago, people could say to me “But Storm, the gay community does not get any support when the army is home because the gays in the military cannot outwardly support their community” Well guess what ladies and gentlemen that shit don’t fly no more.

As we can tell from the millions of videos and photos being uploaded on the internet, the military is taking the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal very well.

So you get stationed at Ft. Bragg. Guess what people, we have a gay community here, it is time to get together and support each other. It is time to get together and let the boys and girls in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and National Guard know- We Are Here!!

We can support you, we can educate and we can advocate for you!

People, get off the couch, get off the bar stools (though know I love the couch and even the bar stools) and come together to bring Pride to Fayetteville North Carolina. Home of Ft Bragg! Home of the FireAntz! Home of Dogwood Festival! My home! Your Home!

Man I have so much more to say. But I will save that for the next post.

BTW The Alliance’s newsletter “Changing Times” will be coming out again later this month. If you want a copy of it, send an email to and let me know. I will be sure you get it. (it is in electronic form right now)



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