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Progress is Wonderful

Hello again folks! We have been very busy lately, so much so that I have had barely any time to update our blog. Sad to say that, but I am getting better and I think I have a plan to which things will be updated more often. There are so many things to talk about these days, but one thing I would like to remind everyone about is the places to find The Alliance.


Twitter- @thealliancenc



Of course our blog here and NOW NEW NEXT Big thing is our online newsletter

Newsletter- – Changing Times

Come on out and be a part of The Alliance.

Do some of you not know who The Alliance is? We are a LGBTQ organization based in Fayetteville, NC (don’t worry you do not have to live here to be a part of us)

Our purpose is to educate, advocate and support the members of our community along with our straight allies. We have some awesome members working in the organization that are doing their utmost best to make things better for people here in our community.

We have had a meeting with the Humans Relations Committee to discuss ways we can work with the city to help certain areas learn about policies and to help change them. One of our upcoming events is to team up with Operation Bullyhorn to go to the open school board meeting and express our concerns with bullying and the efforts needed in place to help protect our LGBTQ youth.

As much as some of us have fun with the advocating part of our mission we also like to have some fun. In doing that our fun likes to be just a bit educating and supporting as we put together our First Spring Fling Drag Queen and King Pageant on April 20th 2012.

We will be discussing important issues such as Amendment One and how it affects us as well as encouraging people to get out and vote against the amendment.

We have another protest scheduled just days before the vote, since our first one on March 10th was so successful we decided we would have another one. This time I think I can say the press will be there for us as I talked to one of the reporters today. He seemed very excited about the idea of us having another since he missed the first one.

Want to hear about success?

Our first Silent Protest drew in a couple who were from Boston. They were in town to have lunch with their daughter, she was retiring from the Army after 32 years, they saw us on the Market Square and pulled over to join us.

How awesome is that?

So many things are coming up, if you want to see what we have planned just go to our meetup group (link above) sign up, and take a peek at what we have going on. Then join us in the events, we will be happy to meet you!

To all of the people who have worked so hard to help me and this organization I would like to say thank you so very much. Without you, this would not be possible.



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