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Have you ever felt that when you say “Thank you” it just isn’t enough? There have been a lot of thank yous coming from The Alliance lately and it just does not seem to be enough. We have been thanking vendors, individuals and small businesses for either buying a sponsorship package (in which they receive advertisement on our various sites), or exchanging items (again receive advertising)  to help fund our first annual Drag Queen and King Pageant. 

Now one might say, well why say thank you so much if they are getting advertising for their money or items? Well because some of these small businesses are giving a lot for that advertising. Is it just for advertising though? 

Let me tell you about a man, a sweet man, owner of Valentines Florist. His name is Wade, he does the designs for the floral arrangements. This man supports our community so much that he is giving  all of the flowers needed for the pageant for just a little advertising. And let me tell you something, if we could accept just donations, that man would not care if we ever said anything about his business because he just wants to support us so much. How do you tell a man like that thank you and think it is enough? He thinks it is enough, he thinks all the advertising we are doing for him is too much. We don’t though, in fact we think there should be more. Mutual gratitude is so wonderful, don’t you think?

Let’s not forget Scarlet Faith owner of Sensual Touch by Faith. Such a beautiful woman, inside and out. Do you know what she did? As soon as we thought to approach her (hey we don’t always operate on a full tank around here) she jumped on the chance to give some items in return for advertising. But again, here we go with the over abundance of stuff willing to give. She talked to Angel three or four times on the phone to work out things she wanted to do for the pageant, and then we ran into her at Tammy’s Thrift Shop where she has some of her stuff, and she wanted to talk to us about some more things. The excitement in her eyes, and the deep desire to make this the best pageant was just so wonderful to see. How do you say thank you enough to her? Can someone tell me? 

Thea from FX Warehouse, do you know this place? They are not even in this area, they carry some of the best supplies for makeup and what not. Do you know this woman was so excited about doing something with us that she emailed Angel immediately and offered anything we wanted for the pageant? How does one say thank you to that, other than trying to not be a pig about it and have her decide what to give to us in return for that advertising. But you know what, another one that didn’t care about how much advertising we did for her. What else can I do, she has said several times. How…. do.. you.. say .. thank you? 


CNCAH (Central North Carolina Atheists and Humanists) bought a 100 dollar advertising package. Ok, so what did they give? Really do people not know about how much this group supports us? They have members at our events all the time. The advertise our events and encourage people to go to them. Whenever we need anything they are the first ones there to offer a helping hand and do not expect anything in return. How does one say thank you to that? Geri Weaver was President of CNCAH when I first was introduced to them. She offered me so much advice about how to get the organization organized, where to go to get things in order, and how to effectively run a meeting. Not only that, but when I was down and discouraged she cheered me on, and not to mention she introduced me to Leigh Anne who is the best VP one could ever ask for. 

How does one thank these people enough? 

This is not a list of people who I have to thank for helping the Alliance become what it is. That list would be a bit long don’t you think. But you know what, each of you have ever done anything to help the Alliance.. I thank you.. but it is not enough to just thank you. Though it is the best I can do for now. 


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  1. By Helping others, you help yourself the most.
    So I try to be selfish alot!!!!

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