GLBTQ Organization


Our Mission


Our purpose is to provide education, support and advocacy for citizens of the Sandhills area and beyond who are a part of and allies with the GLBT community.


This group was started with the vision of having a center where GLBT people and their straight allies can work together on issues of justice for GLBT people, and provide support for GLBT people and their concerns, as well as support for their straight family and friends. Please join this group if you want to be involved in the process of making this vision a reality. Please remember this organization is not a religious or political organization.

If you are looking for support, or would like to offer support in this area then please join The Alliance in making the world a better place and eradicating discrimination.


1. To be all inclusive, non-judgmental community

2. To work toward transforming our society to mirror that

3. Social support- different social groups, support groups for children, teens and people in recovery. Phone trees and a hotline.

4. Emotional support- referrals to medical, therapy, endocrinology resources, domestic violence referrals and referrals for people who need help from clergy.

5. Legal referrals and programs to advise people of legal matters.

6. Financial support- this is a long term goal in where eventually we want to be able to help homeless gay youth, TG people in transition who are struggling. Support in finding referrals for developing grants and scholarships.

7. Advocacy- speaking up locally, regionally, nationally and internationally about issues affecting GLBT people and their communities.

8. We hope to be able to have a Pride Parade here in Fayetteville, NC.

9. We eventually want to be able to have a building for a GLBT center in Fayetteville, NC

10. Cultural- Fun activities and education.


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